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This includes any possible side. What is sinusitis? The sinuses are the air-filled cavities located behind your cheekbones and forehead. Sinusitis is the inflammation and swelling of the lining of the sinuses. There are 4 types of sinusitis: acute, subacute, chronic and recurrent. Acute sinusitis describes the sudden onset of cold like symptoms which include a stuffy nose and facial […]. The peanut is part of the legume family, as are peas, beans and liquorice. It bears its fruit in shells and develops underground. For those who are not allergic to them, peanuts are an extremely healthy food, which are very rich in protein.

Peanuts are one of many foods that can cause severe allergic reactions, […]. What is anaphylaxis? Anaphylaxis or anaphylactic shock is a rare but serious condition, it is the end result of a severe allergic reaction. The reaction affects the whole body, causing a sudden drop in blood pressure and narrowing of the airways. What causes anaphylaxis? Anaphylaxis is caused by an extreme sensitivity to an allergen. The […]. However, more and more […]. What is a food allergy? Food allergies are fortunately quite rare. They usually affect young children and people who suffer other allergies.

Luckily, most children will grow out of these sensitivities in a couple of years. However, […]. Insect bites Almost everyone is familiar with the discomfort of insect bites, especially during the summer months. For most people an insect bite does not present any alarming problems apart from a little pain and irritation, however, there is a small minority of people who suffer allergic reactions to insect bites, known as Hymenoptera and […].

What is an allergy? The contact can be with your skin, mouth, gullet oesophagus , stomach, intestine or with the lining of your […]. You must be logged in to post a review. What causes allergies? The most common allergens are as follows: The house dust mite is one of the most common causes of allergies and no matter how clean your house every household will have them. The warmth and humidity in most homes is an ideal breeding environment for them, therefore our beds are a haven for them and a single mattress can contain up to 2 million mites.

Mite allergy is caused by the mite faeces , which when inhaled cause breathing problems asthma or can irritate the skin on contact. Pollen from grass, trees and weeds is the second most common cause of allergies. Pollen allergies are usually seasonal. This type of allergy is called hay fever. The family pet is also a common cause of an allergy. The majority of U. Insects bites such as those from bees or wasps.

Foods and drinks, such as milk, eggs, fish, wheat, soy, citrus fruits, seafood and peanuts.


Colourings and preservatives can also trigger attacks. Cosmetics, toiletries, jewellery and washing powders all contain common allergens. Symptoms are typically identified by an itchy, red rash. Mould and mould fungus. Mould grows in damp conditions and is obvious in houses that have damp patches on the walls or black mould around window seals or bathrooms.

Mould spores can also be found in the soil of house plants. Latex and rubber. Certain medicines and drugs, such as antibiotics and anaesthetics. What symptoms are linked with an allergy? Common symptoms of an allergy may include: Attacks of sneezing or a runny nose usually key symptoms of an allergy. Blocked nose and sinus pain. Watery, itchy eyes. Itchy, red rashes or inflamed skin eczema or dermatitis. Number of raised bumps or weals surrounded by red skin, which can be itchy.

This is known as urticaria, hives or nettle rash.

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Urticaria can be caused by allergies to animals, foods, bee stings or medicines. Swelling of the lips and tongue. Sickness and vomiting. Itchy, sore throat.

Dermatophyte Infections - American Family Physician

Wheezing and shortness of breath asthma attacks. Anaphylaxis, the most extreme of allergic reactions. How many people suffer from allergies in the U. The number of people with allergies has increased dramatically over the past 20 years: 1 in 3 people will at some time in their life suffer from an allergy. Hudson TJ. Skin barrier function and allergic risk. Nat Genet. Breaking the un sound barrier: filaggrin is a major gene for atopic dermatitis. Palmer CN, et al. Common loss-of-function variants of the epidermal barrier protein filaggrin are a major predisposing factor for atopic dermatitis.

Smith FJ, et al. Loss-of-function mutations in the gene encoding filaggrin cause ichthyosis vulgaris. Weidinger S, et al. Loss-of-function variations within the filaggrin gene predispose for atopic dermatitis with allergic sensitizations. Proksch E, et al. Skin barrier function, epidermal proliferation and differentiation in eczema. J Dermatol Sci. Baker BS. The role of microorganisms in atopic dermatitis.

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Clin Exp Immunol. Boguniewicz M, Leung DY. Taieb A. Hypothesis: from epidermal barrier dysfunction to atopic disorders. Contact Dermatitis. Does the tail wag the dog?

Dermatitis: What Type Do You Have?

Role of the barrier in the pathogenesis of inflammatory dermatoses and therapeutic implications. Arch Dermatol.

Tinea Capitis

Chamlin SL, et al. Ceramide-dominant barrier repair lipids alleviate childhood atopic dermatitis: changes in barrier function provide a sensitive indicator of disease activity. J Am Acad Dermatol. Sugarman J, Parish LJ.

Dermatophyte Infections

J Invest Dermatol Kyoto, Japan — Krien PM, Kermici M. Evidence for the existence of a self-regulated enzymatic process within the human stratum corneum—an unexpected role for urocanic acid.

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  • Steinhoff M, et al. Proteinase-activated receptors: transducers of proteinase-mediated signaling in inflammation and immune response. Endocr Rev. Hachem JP, et al. Increased stratum corneum pH promotes activation and release of primary cytokines from the stratum corneum attributable to activation of serine proteases.